A Moment in Time

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I was intrigued by some of the designs so I asked him about the history of some of the pieces. Jamie is the kind of guy who turns a quick ten second question into a slow ten minute answer. That was fine by me, I had nowhere else to be. He explained a lot of things. He talked about his fascination with letters and words and why he especially liked them when they showed up on Navajo rugs.

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He also talked a bit about crazy quilts, another one of his obsessions. But there was one thing he said that really stuck with me. I asked him why a lot of the rugs seemed to have mistakes woven into the patterns.

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Obvious distortions in the patterns, stray lines, or a shape that was just a bit off compared to the other shapes in the piece. He said there are many explanations.

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That sensibility can also be found in the Wabi-sabi art of Japan. But he preferred another explanation. What was intentional was the desire not to go back and fix them. He said the Navajo saw mistakes as moments in time.

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The mistake is already woven into the fabric of time. Further, he compared it to climbing a mountain. If you climb a mountain you are sure to have a few missteps along the way. We carefully track every dress and ensure that we. Avoid showing up in the duplicate dress to someone else Don't miss all the beauty available here Pat is the manager of the boutique.

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