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Test your knowledge Take the Act 4, scene 7 Quick Quiz. Hamlet: Popular pages. Take a Study Break. Original Text. Modern Text. Sir, this report of his Did Hamlet so envenom with his envy That he could nothing do but wish and beg Your sudden coming o'er, to play with him. Now, out of this—. He was also threatened, humiliated, and assaulted by his ex partner and her new lover. Mr Chapman thought he had found the love of his life when he met Julie Marsden, 55, during a tour of classic rock show Vampires Rock. He was working in lighting and he was attracted to her "comical and open" personality, but there was something far darker lurking underneath.

Speaking from an Ibis hotel room in the city centre, he told NottinghamshireLive: "I have always been cautious but I threw caution to the wind this time and I paid for it. The pair formed a relationship in , where she made promises of wedding proposals, but he believes her eyes wandered when she found out he had his own home. He was also encouraged to sell off his valuables in order to assist with the bills, while she never worked again.

It the abuse started when the money ran out. He said the first thing to go was his place in the bed they shared; forcing him to sleep on a single mattress under the stairs next to three freezers and a tumble dryer. I was fearful of that option.

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Then, in , she told Mr Chapman she wanted an open relationship and brought Gary Cooper, 53, into the home they shared. He was told he could no longer eat at the table and was forced to have his tea on the bottom step of the stairs so he didn't make any noise. Then on a cold New Years Day in , he was booted out of the home and told he must live in the 8ft by 5ft shed at the bottom of the garden, with no insulation. He had to use bottles and a bucket to go to the toilet, and could only empty the contents on the two days he was allowed out a week.

I'm seeing charges from Grammarly that I did not authorize.

As his escape was listening to the rock music on his laptop, they would turn it off at It's not allowed. If I went into the house I would have Gary threatening to hit me. I did have a kettle but if I used that for hot water they said their bill will go up. In the middle of the summer my margarine was turning into water.

I did not even have a fan. Five days a week I was in there 24 hours a day.

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