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Satire of culture was not necessarily intended as the denial of learning. Was it then only cultured entertainment or means of ridiculing personal enemies? Proposals for individual papers words should be sent no later than January 15, to both Stefano Nicosia adm. In your proposal please include your name, academic affiliation, telephone numbers, e-mail address, and a brief bio-biliographical profile maximum half a page. Abusi dei diritti umani sulle donne nel teatro e nel cinema.

Mandare proposte di parole a: annacafaro hotmail. This panel seeks to investigate the plurality of discourses aesthetic, ethical, linguistic, political and religious among the most prominent adopted in Italian sixteenth century comedies and in burlesque verse and prose, in order to assert the cultural synergy between - and the intellectual strength of - these two 'minor' genres of Early Modern Italian.

Please send word abstracts and a short bio to Stefano Iossa Stefano. Jossa rhul. Drawing on the notion of emplotment as it was proposed by Hayden White, the panel will seek to explore the unstable, ineffable relationship between facts and their re presentation in narrative form. Our aim is to look at how diverse disciplines historiography, creative literature, cinematography depict reality by coming to terms with their respective expressive means.

Is the claim to objectiveness possible? What is lost and what is gained in the process? How are the voices of the protagonists filtered?

Are we entitled to fill in the gaps? We shall welcome papers dealing with all periods in Italian history. Please send abstracts of about words to Erika Mazzer emazzer gc. La session intende affrontare il tema della cosiddetta 'questione meridionale' alla luce degli spunti suggeriti dal pensare l'utopia.

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Sono ben accetti interventi in : - Filosofia Teoretica - Letteratura comparata - Letteratura italiana del Rinascimento - Letteratura italiana contemporanea - Sociologia - Storia della Filosofia Possibili autori da trattare, ma non solo : - Giordano Bruno - Tommaso Campanella - Torquato Tasso - Gaetano Salvemini - Luigi Pirandello - Leonardo Sciascia - Raffaele La Capria - Erri De Luca Si prega di inviare una proposta di intervento di massimo parole e una breve biografia all'indirizzo email: marco.

Narrative Theater Organizers: Cristina Perissinotto University of Ottawa and Juliet Guzzetta Michigan State University We invite papers that analyze Narrative Theatre, a technique that stems from the politically and ethically committed theatre of the s and s.

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Papers may be presented in English, French or Italian. The deadline for submissions is January 5th, Organizer: Cristina Perissinotto University of Ottawa. Papers are sought that address the topic of intentional and utopian communities past and present in Italian geography, culture and literature.

These spaces can be physical, mental, linguistic, political, cultural, spiritual, virtual and literary. Possible topics might include:.

Parent topics

If you need audiovisual equipment, please indicate your requirements in your submission. Please submit a word abstract for a minute paper, plus a one-page CV. Submissions will only be accepted if pasted in the body of an email message to cperissi uottawa. Submissions expected no later than January 5th, Travel in Italy and Italians Traveling Abroad. Papers are sought that address the discourse of travel, identity and the individual in Italian culture. We seek papers about travel in Italy, as well as about Italian travelers abroad.

Italian Philosophy. From Vico to Vattimo, from Aquinas to Agamben, this panel seeks to address some of the major issues in the Italian philosophical landscape past and present. This would ideally include the way Italian philosophy is affecting international political and philosophical thought. Si prega di inviare un abstract di circa parole e una breve biografia a Christopher Nissen cnissen niu.

This panel invites papers that address the relationship between architecture and narrative and explore its potential application to classroom practices in teaching architecture and literature courses. If, as some of my urbanist friends say, my book touches on various aspects of the problems in their field, it did not happen by chance because we share the common ground. Ecocritical approaches to Italian literature and cinema.

Papers can focus on any historical period, though preference is given to 20th and 21st century Italian literature. This panel intends to explore the function and value of landscape, nature, animals, the relationship between human and non-human, through the lenses of environmental ethic, and current notions of sustainability and civic engagement. Therefore some of the possible topics to be discussed in this session are the human debt to the natural and the animal world, the porosity between environment and culture, ontological hierarchies, earth ethic and ecological activism.

Papers are accepted both in Italian and in English.

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Please send a short abstract words to the organizers Anna Chiafele azc auburn. Marginali, trasgressive, militanti, devianti, irriverenti: i femminismi e le scrittrici italiane da fine Ottocento a oggi. Organizer: Michela Prevedello University of Bristol. Rifletteremo sulle questioni di genere individuate dal post-femminismo italiano, e sulle relazioni tra post-femminismo e letteratura. Sono attesi papers di approccio interdisciplinare, che si confrontino con teorie femministe, post-femministe, gender studies, e queer theory, in lingua italiana o inglese.

Organizer: Mark Nicholls University of Melbourne. This panel invites papers for an interdisciplinary session on the topic of Foreign Artists in Italy This panel seeks to consider the creative practice of these artists while in Italy, their motivations for being there and the critical significance of their Italian work within the broader contexts of their output.

The contribution of these artists to local Italian creative practice and discourse will be considered. The extent to which these artists collaborated, both with Italian and other foreign colleagues, will also be examined. Papers on Campania-based foreign artists are welcome but not required.

Please send an abstract of words to organiser, Mark Nicholls markdn unimelb. Inviare un abstract di parole insieme ad un breve CV di circa parole a wanselmi ualberta. A city is many things. However, Venice is more than most in its claim to artistic and cultural uniqueness. The patina of time is imprinted on its marbled facades, rising waterlines, and stone bridges whose foot surfaces are polished by the constant motion of its pedestrians.

The erosion of stone and the movement of the sea at its footings is evidence of nature's power within this precinct of a floating apparition bounded by architectural jewels, artistic and literary fame.

Lo specchio cieco - Il capostazione Fallmerayer

The patterned pink hew of the Doge's palace, the striated arches of the arcades surrounding San Marco and the sound of the klaxon on every bell tower, each betray something of the spirit and age of the city. Whether the blue azure of a Tintoretto sky, or the watery silhouetted form of Turner's San Giorgio, the city has been made visible by the aesthetic turn and the desire to capture the poetic in the material shapes of domes, arches and buttresses. These are the hundred churches consecrated to a worldly reverie; their interiors awash in light and spiritual foment.

The San Zaccaria altarpiece has few rivals in the dominion of the divine and yet its mix of mysticism and naturalism is timeless, breathtaking, and even for those who hurry onto the Giardini, the site of the Biennial, resonant in its aesthetic authority. Although the conventions have changed and the global art market today drives the imperatives, Venice continues to conjure from its rich palimpsest of art and culture something of a unique spectacle. This session asks what are the hidden or symbolic values of Venice the city, how does it continue to fuel the creative imagination, and what influence does its historical memory hold in light of its present incarnation as the city of the Biennale?

Si accettano contributi in italiano o in inglese.

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More specifically, it seeks to explore how autobiographical sources such as memoirs, diaries, blogs and letters reflect upon the experience of war. We welcome methodological, ethical, aesthetic and interdisciplinary approaches, as well as analyses of archival documents and oral history. Papers may be in Italian, English or French. Please submit a word abstract for a minute paper, plus a one-page CV to giancin77 yahoo.

Please be sure to include your institutional contact information. Submissions are expected no later than January 10th, Si prega di inviare un abstract di circa parole e un breve CV mezza pagina a vincenzo. Nel labirinto delle voci. La forma dialogica nel Cinquecento.