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It's like being hit over the head.

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One blow hit me in the head so hard it took a chunk out of my skull. She just knows how to make hits. The charges are a blow to motorists hit by soaring costs. They were hit with such force that they were hurled on to the opposite carriageway. To see a funeral car hit a pub is something very unusual. Yours is a typical scenario of being hit by a massive termination fee. Trends of 'hit'. Translate your text for free. Nearby words of 'hit'.

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Translation of hit from the Collins English to German. Quick word challenge. Check See the answer Next Next quiz Review. Here are some hints to get you started in German! The Paul Noble Method: no books, no rote memorization, no chance of failure.

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Recording in Undetermined and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. Audience Level. Related Identities. Associated Subjects. Alternative Names. Hornbostel Ivan. Italian a term used to describe the splitting up of a choir of voices or instruments into small groups which are then distributed about a building from where they then perform together, i.

Italian to detach, to cut off, to pluck off , to articulate, to pronounce distinctly, to bring out clearly meaning, sense , to stand out, to be conspicuous, to excel. Italian to dispatch business , to attend to the requirements of customers, etc. German f. Michael Zapf makes an important distinction between zum Tanze aufspielen German: 'to strike up a dance' where the verb is aufspielen as opposed to auf einer Geige spielen German: 'to play upon the violin ' , where auf is a preposition and spielen is the verb.

Stachel German m. The word rebab is an Arabic term translated as 'bowed string instrument'.

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It is closely associated with Islamic culture, and dates back to at least the 8th century. Its roots are probably in Arabia or Persia, and its influence has reached from Indonesia to Europe and Africa it is thought to be the earliest ancestor of the violin. There are two basic types of rebab : wooden fiddles with pear-shaped bodies, and spiked fiddles, named for the spike on the bottom of the instrument on which it stands while being played.

Spiked rebabs typically have no frets, but instead, the fingers of your left hand become movable bridges. These instruments complement the melodic line by creating a dialogue with the singers.

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It was often used for spindles hence the names in English and German. The strings run at an angle to the player. The lid is usually hinged on the spine side which acts to reflect sound back to the player. The common link between almost all of these musicians was their connection with the Schola Cantorum. Several of them held teaching positions there after the Schola's radical reorganisation in December , with Nestor Lejeune as the new director.

La Spirale gave its first concert in December and its last in May A second new music society, La Jeune France, was inaugurated in June and continued its collective activity until the mids. English, German n. Originally monophonic and a cappella , these songs are antecedents of the 'blues'. The terms 'Negro spiritual', 'Black spiritual', and 'African-American spiritual' are all synonyms; in the 19th-century the term 'jubilee' was more common at least among African-Americans; whites often called them 'slave songs'.

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Some musicologists call them 'African-American folk songs'. Most commonly one coil is used for the e and a strings and one coil is used for the d and g strings. A split coil generally has a little less hum canceling but better high frequency response. Almost all languages are spoken languages. Italian in art, a cartoon or sketch into which holes have been pricked in order that by sprinkling coloured dust the penetration of the dust through those holes will transfer details of the original image to the surface immediately behind it. Spoons musical instrument Appalacian Instruments.

Sporen are called for in the overture to Der Zigeunerbaron by Johann Strauss. The dancer should focus on a distant object and, during the turn, snap the head from one object to another, in each case fixing the eyes on that object for long enough that it is seen clearly.

It is typically played with mandolin, guitar and drums, often with other, unusual instruments like the cowbell. German, 'speech bond' a group of languages - often technically unrelated to each other otherwise - that are spoken in the same geographic area or shared by members of the same occupation. Since they tend to share many bilingual speakers, they tend to influence each other through loanwords and linguistic adaptations. German m. The crosses through the note stems are one form of sprechgesang notation, another is to use crosses for the noteheads themselves.

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German, 'saying', 'epigram' an alliterative term refering to a short lyrical poem set to music common among the German Minnesingers. The term is usually used in contrast with the Spruch the original gnomic verse meant to be spoken and read , while Sprechspruch is meant to be sung. German to blow up, to blast, to burst figurative , to water, to sprinkle, to dampen with water.

Italian, 'recklessness' a word that embodies both the appearance of reckless spontaneity and its opposite quality, careful and practiced preparation. Sprezzatura is carefully practicing witticisms, cultured eloquence, and feats of athletic prowess in private, and then later, when other viewers are present, pretending to make the witticism, the eloquent speech, or the athletic feat appear off-the-cuff. Sir Thomas Hoby translation into English of the treatise by Baldassare Castiglione which appeared in as The Book of the Courtier , had a profound influence on courtly manners in England.

Literary Terms and Definitions from which the first extract has been taken Sprezzatura. Pioneered work in organic farming and reforestation alongside reviving countryside festivals and traditional song and dance. Became target of rumour of Nazi sympathys during WW2. The accent falls on the first syllable of every foot and a varying number of unaccented syllables following the accented one, but all feet last an equal amount of time when being pronounced. Italian, literally 'to spit' when playing the recorder, using a sharp, forceful "t" tonguing as required, for example, in Recorder Rally a piece composed by Matthias Maute.

Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Med. It is the single largest primary source of music of the 14th-century Italian Trecento also known as the "Italian ars nova".

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It consists of parchment folios, richly illuminated and in good condition, so complete pieces of music are preserved. It contains 16 blank folios, intended for the music of Paolo da Firenze, since they are labeled as such and include his portrait; the usual presumption by scholars is that Paolo's music was not ready at the time the manuscript was compiled, since he was away from Florence until Squarcialupi Codex from which this extract has been taken. The borrowed material may be transposed, used in any voice part or may migrate between different parts, and can be unchanged literal or subject to some degree of rhythmic and melodic elaboration.

Square dance. Programs and program lists are managed and universally recognized in modern Western square dance. Four-couple figures. Later instruments had a pedal to operate dampers. Square Piano by John Kearsing, ca. A small hole is placed on the card's back for the expulsion of air. These cards were marketed at children and often depict animals. Squeezeboxes: Names and Brands.

In older medieval times, the offices of page and squire were limited to the children of aristocrats. By the fourteenth century, wealthy middle class or bourgeois parents began making arrangements for their children to be trained as pages in noble households. Croatian, literally 'Srijemski tuning' the tuning system used on certain tambura -instruments. The instrument usually have five strings tuned as three single and one double string, the double strings being the thinnest or six strings tuned as two double courses and two single strings.

The four different notes are tuned a fourth apart. Srijem is a region in the eastern part of Croatia. Strings from which this table has been taken.