The Gambling Habit (Survival)

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From there on I was addicted to video lottery and casino, losing likely triple what I had made. Today I have self-excluded myself from all ACT venues.

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I've always had a gamble since I was 18 but within the last 12 months, I've lost complete control and have found myself in debt and have blown all my pay within four days of getting paid. Eventually I had eight of them to balance payments for each other, all from different banks.

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I gambled since I turned 18 in and stopped November I was an addict. I was selfish to myself and family.

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My husband has been betting for years and I knew this, but it is only recently that I knew exactly how much, so much more than I had thought. He had lied to me for over 10 years, hidden his salary and bank accounts. To anyone who is gambling as an escape, a switch off etc please seek help. I wish I had. I supported him, and said you need to slow down and stop, we have a daughter. The scary thing with gambling addiction is that it escalates quickly and can get away from you before you realise the impact it's having on your life and others in your life.

John Solitude’s Psychology Guide To Gambling

I had to use the money I'd been saving up to buy my first property to bail them out on the condition that they were to immediately stop gambling. They promised to do so.

I picked up gambling when I started working at the age of Casinos, sports betting, slot machines, you named it, I did it. This experience lifts a low mood, and men are able to leave problems far behind as the high helps to transcend a difficult or dull day-to-day reality. Men may even mention enjoying an audience and being recognized as a winner. Women approaching treatment for problem gambling might also speak of pursuing a win to lift a low mood, but they are more likely than men to choose modes of gambling that allow them to escape a troubling reality with absolute focus on the game.

It is common for women to achieve a state of total absorption through staring at the slot machine or the computer screen until all feeling is numbed.

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Through this escapism, she achieves an almost disembodied, detached state. This also makes it all too easy for women to detach from how much time and money is overspent, until hugely unaffordable amounts of both are wasted. Performing for an audience is something she rarely wants, and gambling on a slot machine or online is ideal for avoiding the limelight. Performing for an audience is something she rarely wants, and gambling… online is ideal for avoiding the limelight.

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Most often the cause of gambling addiction in women is directly linked to her relationships. These relationships either offer too much for her, or not enough. I treat women who have an excess of overwhelming responsibilities. Online gambling has leapt the social divide. I also treat middle class women juggling their hectic career with mom duty. They feel stressed, anxious and guilty that they are not doing a good job with either. These women were unlikely to enter bingo halls or slot machine arcades — traditionally seen as working class venues — but can now easily and anonymously access online gambling between meetings or on the commute home.

I also meet the women who gamble because they lack supportive relationships, or they fear intimacy and commitment in relationships.

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No longer trusting in close relationships, these women experience the dull, relentless ache of isolation and loneliness. Whether the cause is too much or not enough, the consequence is the same; stressed, depressed and anxious, these women have turned to the escapism of gambling as a way of self-medicating.

Women in treatment have answered that the greatest risk of gambling is not just a loss of money, but also a loss of her time and her sense of self. And after all, she knows the odds, so what harm could a little gambling do?

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Money issues can be resolved, but wasted time can never be regained. A vital part of treatment and long-term recovery is investing time in the re-discovery of her greatest loss — that of her sense of self.

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For those seeking addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one, the Rehabs. Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment. Neither Rehabs. They are confirmed to be accredited, credentialed, and certified to provide the levels of care they claim to offer. Facilities cannot pay to be Rehabs.

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