The Sea of Angles

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West Angle Bay

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Radars operating from ships, shore installations, and low-flying aircraft inevitably view the sea at low grazing angles from zero to a few degrees. Under these conditions it is expected that the surface might often be deeply shadowed, yet the experimental evidence is unclear, sometimes even contradictory.

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It is obvious that this is a very special scattering regime, in which the conventional ideas of sea scatter are quite possibly of little use. Any approach to understanding this regime must be guided by two basic questions: 1.

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[Sea of Thieves] Stream Highlights #8 - Perfect angle

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Katzin, M. IRE, 45 , 44— While the world is primarily covered by ocean, with a growing population, the ocean also reminds us to be mindful that what we do now will affect the world for generations to come. When a young person travels, they understand the need for sustainability and conservation of the oceans. Because travelers like you love to travel the world and seek adventure!

At right angles

Find more info at www. Contiki is the world leader in travel experiences for year olds since Operating in more than 50 countries around the world, Contiki is all about introducing millennials to those epic moments that create a lifetime of memories and make every second count. The entire party was fully a mile away from me, and they were crossing my path at right angles. The smoking-room projected at right angles from the wall of the house, in an oblong form--with a bow-window at the farther end, looking into the garden. The rows of trees, running at right angles , enabled him to see along only one narrow avenue at a time.

Sea Level – Critical Angle

Straight lines are too prevalent - too uninterruptedly continued - or clumsily interrupted at right angles. As she arrived at right angles to the sea, the full force of the wind from which we had hitherto run away caught us. I tore a part of the hem from the robe and placed the fragment at full length, and at right angles to the wall.